by Sarah Schug

September 2018


Summer break is over and this week the art season finally returns with a bang! All over Belgium, galleries, art spaces and museums are presenting themselves at their best for the much-awaited autumn reopening. From emerging to established, from painting and sculpture to installation and photography, here are the 10 essential shows we think you need to see.














                                                ©Courtesy Harlan Levey Projects



TR Ericsson at Harlan Levey Projects, Brussels


Since 2003, American artist TR Ericsson’s mixed media practice mainly revolves around his long-term project Crackle & Drag, an intimate confrontation with his personal past heavily disrupted by his mother’s suicide. The exhibition at Harlan Levey is part of this long-term exploration touching upon universal themes such as memory, loss, and love.


Opens on 6 September and runs till 3 November




















                                                             © Courtesy Maruani Mercier



Peter Halley at Maruani Mercier, Brussels


New Paintings brings together a selection of recent works by American artist Peter Halley, widely known for his neon-colored and geometric paintings. A central figure in the Neo-Conceptualist movement of the 1980s, his works are inspired by the three-dimensional urban grid of New York City, where he is based.


Opens on 6 September and runs till 27 October














                                                ©Courtesy Be-Part



Caroline Achaintre at Be-Part, Waregem


Worth a trip to the Flemish town of Waregem is Caroline Achaintre’s first exhibition in the country, Fantômas.  At Be-Part, the French, London-based artist who playfully mixes references from catwalk fashion to Death metal, presents a new series of ceramic sculptures, drawings, and hand-tufted wall hangings.


Opens on 1 September and runs till 4 November













                                                ©Courtesy Trampoline gallery



Simon Wald-Lasowski at Trampoline gallery, Antwerp


Under the imaginative title (s)he was the picasso of passive-aggressive karate, Trampoline presents the both playful and thought-provoking work of Simon Wald-Lasowski. Fascinated by the obsessive acquiring of goods encouraged by today’s consumer society, the French artist attempts to lay bare the vulgarity of the everyday.


Opens on 6 September and runs till 13 October









                                                             ©Courtesy Tommy Simoens



Eduardo Sarabia at Tommy Simoens, Antwerp


In his multifaceted oeuvre, American artist Eduardo Sarabia, born to Mexican immigrants, examines his own identity, cultural stereotypes as well as issues specific to the U.S.-Mexican border zone such as drug violence and the myths, status and power surrounding it. Relación en un interés is the culmination of the artist’s 15-year- long research into the community of Sinaloa and its local narco culture.


Opens on 7 September and runs till 20 October















                                                ©Courtesy Plus One



Make Your Mark at Plus-One, Antwerp


Without imposing a limiting concept or theme, Plus-One Gallery gives room to four young, emerging artists to leave their mark in any way they see fit. Inspired by popular culture while reflecting on the standards of art history and experimenting with materials, the works of Jenny Brosinski, Stevie Dix, Antwan Horfee and Tom Volkaert are all signs of their times.


Opens on 1 September and runs till 14 October













                                                ©Courtesy Meessen De Clercq



Chinese Whispers at Meessen De Clercq, Brussels


This September sees the kick-off of the gallery’s 10th anniversary exhibition project which will last a whole year. First up is celebrated English conceptual artist Ryan Gander, who will occupy Meessen De Clercq’s ‘Wunderkammer’ with a tailor-made work of art. Each invited artist, ten in total, will base their proposals on the one of the preceding artist.


Opens on 7 September and runs till 6 October
















                                                ©Courtesy Greta Meert



Wiggle at Greta Meert, Brussels


Wiggle is a group show that is entirely dedicated to the world of sculpture. No less than 15 Belgian and international artists present their works stretched over the gallery’s three floors, including a number of stars of the genre such as American minimalist Donald Judd or German artist Thomas Schütte. An interesting dialogue between seemingly disparate works and practices.


Opens on 6 September and runs till 20 October












                                                             ©Courtesy La Loge



Michel Blazy at La Loge, Brussels


Deeply interested in the passage of time and its supremacy over matter, Michel Blazy has been working with living entities since the early 90s. Accordingly, Multiverse transforms La Loge in an animated place where materials grow, evolve, and decay. The French artist fascinatingly combines films, sculptures and installations with organic, transient materials such as plants, molds, and nutritional ingredients.


Opens on 6 September and runs till 10 November












                                                ©Courtesy Fifty One Gallery



Harry Gruyaert at Fifty One Gallery, Antwerp


Magnum member Harry Gruyaert is one of Belgium’s most celebrated photographers, who is first and foremost concerned with the formal and pictorial aspects of the genre, always on the lookout for the perfect alignment of color, form, light, and movement. With Roots, Fifty One dedicates a solo show to Gruyaert’s at times complicated relationship with his home country.


Opens on 8 September and runs from 11 September to 3 November



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