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we invite

we invite is a platform created by Joachim Coucke and Roxane Baeyens for young and upcoming artists and organisations. A platform that can serve as a testing ground, a place for experimentation where new projects can be showcased.


Henri Lebbestraat 25 in Waregem

Being at Home Among Things

12.03 - 26.03.2023
Philine Vanrafelghem 'zonder titel' 2021 (deel van diptiek). Courtesy de kunstenaar..jpg
Philine Vanrafelghem 'zonder titel' 2021

Set in the former Vynckier furniture shop, 'Being at Home Among Things', with works by Elise Peroi, Denitsa Todorova and Philine Vanrafelghem, is about the spatial experience of living, as it dwells and muses on the things that surround us. The works are suggestions of an inner world that offers shelter, an inner space as a possibility, with an open window that keeps the world ajar.

curator Roxane Baeyens


Sunday 12.03 2pm - 6pm Opening

Sunday 19.03 2pm - 6pm

Friday 24.03 7pm – 10pm

Saturday 25.03 1pm – 6pm

Sunday 26.03 1pm - 6pm

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