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During my many years of discretely navigating the art world, I came to understand that there is a considerable gap in the market for intermediary figures who can help build bridges in the art world. As an intermediary, it’s our job to bring everyone to the table to build on those missing links between the different players. Taking into account the art world’s unique ecosystem and its own particular set of rules, our advice and support embraces the entirety of the art world with a clear goal: to enable the artist, gallerist, curator and other art professionals to focus on their core business. 


After graduating in art philosophy, Roxane studied Friedrich Nietzsche's aesthetics and its influence on the work of the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch. Through her many years of assisting artists such as Robert Devriendt and her job as curator and director at Emergent, she came to know the art world from different perspectives. In 2017 she founded a touch of art, as an answer to many questions of several art professionals. Roxane, as many a journalist will confirm, is a pitbull who simply won't let go. She’s a little bit of a control freak and an absolute perfectionist. But that's exactly what you need! When not working, she goes on a run to blow off steam or likes to hang out with her cute little boy called Rinus.


For a touch of art she runs a succesful PR campaign and manages your art project. Taking up the role of artist coach, Roxane will figure out your next big move. As an intermediaire, she will strive for the perfect match between the different parties involved in the art scene.


After graduating as an art historian, Lien worked as an intern for literary magazines REKTO:VERSO and DW B. In 2014, she joined Gallery Geukens & De Vil, where she is responsible for the all-round operations of the Antwerp Gallery. In 2020, she made her debut as a curator with the group show 'Silence is so Accurate', which will soon be followed by a second project, 'Finis Terrae', this time co-curated with Eric Rinckhout and Geukens & De Vil. In addition, she works as a freelance writer and since 2017 she has been an important part of the team of a touch of art. In her free time, she likes to spend her time at old cinema's, small bookshops or simply drinking coffees in one of the many bars in Brussels, where she lives.


For a touch of art she helps you with your website, texts, general communication and administration.


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