A touch of art manages your project every step of the way, taking over planning, budgeting, coordination, communication, public mediation and PR. Tailored to your unique project we create educational programs and workshops for young and old. In addition, we will make your project stand out thanks to a carefully and methodically planned Pr campaign accompanied by an out-of-the-box social media campaign. Our team takes on different types of assignments, ranging from book and film projects to public sculptures, exhibitions, fundraising and auctions.


We help you plan your career as an artist. Who should you contact? What should your next big step be? Where should you exhibit? Together and in close dialogue we will set out a plan based on your specific artistic aspirations and goals.


We coach you how to improve your (online) communication. Thanks to our in-depth analysis, redesign and professional management of your website, newsletter or social media account, you’ll be able to increase your online presence.


As an intermediary, a touch of art strives for the perfect match between artist and curator, collector and gallery.