A touch of art helps you plan your career as an artist. What should your next big step be? Who should you contact? Where should you exhibit? Together and in close dialogue we set out a plan based on your specific artistic aspirations and goals.


By focusing on public mediation, we make your exhibition accessible for all kinds of audiences. Together, we come up with educational programs, customised tours, tailored texts and workshops for young and old.


Art projects demand a lot of preparation. Skipping a step in the long run can cost you time, effort and money. By working out a detailed plan in accordance with your time schedule and budget, we help you get things done! Our team guides you every step of the way and manages communication, logistics and distribution. We take on different types of initiatives, ranging from book and film projects to exhibitions, fundraising or auctions.


We help increase your online presence. Our services include, among others, an in-depth analysis, design and professional management of your website. In addition, we take over your social media page for a desired period of time.


We run your PR campaign. Taking into account your specific needs, we come up with a tailored service that is neatly suited to your target group. Each step in the process is planned carefully and methodically in order to get your message across. We deliver your content to the right contacts. Knowing how to pitch and who to pitch to, we will make your news stand out.


A touch of art guides collectors through the complexities of the contemporary art market. Our focus is on starting collectors who have a profound interest in contemporary art but lack the time to navigate through the wide range of galleries. Through a personal approach and tailor-made proposals we introduce you to the (inter)national art market, keeping in mind your budget and personal taste.