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Silence. Pregnant with Promise
Schönfeld Gallery

A group show with works by Jesse Willems, Karl Van Welden, Chris Meulemans and Els Martens.
Curated by Roxane Baeyens.

> 21 October 2023

Schönfeld Gallery
Rivoli Brussels, Chaussée de Waterloo 690

Karl Van Welden. Courtesy of the artist.

Entre les plis
Robin Vermeersch

With 'Entre les plis', Robin Vermeersch presents surprising hanging sculptures, mixed media mural reliefs and a series of new paintings. The multi-talented artist moulds everyday life, carving, pouring, drawing it until it deafeningly stills in space. With his artworks, he moulds chaos and raw, unprocessed mass into methodical sequences and graphic droolings, in search of a new order of things.

> 21 October 2023

Galerie Zwart Huis
Rivoli Brussels, Chaussée de Waterloo 690

Robin Vermeersch. Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Zwart Huis.

Pirate Pavilion

After almost 20 years of activity in Waregem, Be-Part is now also occupying public space, with an interdisciplinary pavilion in Park Baron Casier. This pavilion was designed by artist Nico Dockx in collaboration with architect Caroline Voet.

> 30 September 2023

Park Baron Casier
Stationsstraat 34, 8790 Waregem

Affiche by George Rosu.

Uitstalling Gallery

'Fragility' brings intriguing work by three female Polish artists. Kamila Kobierzyńska, Julia Królikowska and Anna Myszkowiak their oeuvres speak of physicality, disease and social structures, of imposed external perspectives on the human body, the social perception of women's bodies and bodies suffering from disease. Organic structures with fleshy colors and delicate shapes reminiscent of body hair are shown alongside objects that resemble living organisms caught in transformation.

> 17 December 2023

Uitstalling Art Gallery
Marcel Habetslaan 26, 3600 Genk.

Anna Myszkowiak. Courtesy of the artist.

Desert Spirals
Sybren Vanoverberghe

In 'Desert Spirals' Sybren Vanoverberghe shows a new series of photographs taken in the Moroccan desert. The exhibition explores what architecture and man's legacy means in a desert region and how photography can capture its traces. For this expo, Vanoverberghe is collaborating with architect Theo De Meyer, who will provide the exhibition's scenography.

> 7 October 2023

Keteleer Gallery
Pourbusstraat 3, 2000 Antwerpen.

Sybren Vanoverberghe. Courtesy of the artist and Keteleer Gallery.

Pop-up Dr. De Beir House
Barbé x Keteleer

Solo and duo shows with work by Bjarne Melgaard, Benjamin Moravec, Valgerður Sigurðardóttir, Stephan Balkenhol, Leo Copers, Joëlle Dubois, Adelheid De Witte, Alice Vanderschoot, Flexboj & L.A., Thomas Decuypere, Thomas Renwart, Willem Boel, Nokukhanya Langa, Stan Van Steendam and Joost Pauwaert.

> 27 August 2023

Woning Dr. De Beir
Dumortierlaan 8, 8300 Knokke

Joëlle Dubois. Courtesy Keteleer Gallery and the artist.

Schönfeld Gallery
You can not keep summer from coming back

A group show with Liza François, Klaartje Lambrechts, Benedicte Lobelle, Eliza Pepermans, Lidia Szynkiewicz and Janine Vandebosch.

> 05 August 2023

Schönfeld Gallery
Rivoli Brussels, Chaussée de Waterloo 690

Eliza Pepermans. Courtesy of the artist and Schönfeld Gallery.

in to me see in to me sea
Els Martens

'in to me see in to me sea' by Els Martens is now available! The series of images in this photo book are built around the juxtaposition of a local night-club and a polar day, thus rendering human rites of passage against the backdrop of more-than-human processes.

With a text by Alicja Melzacka and graphic design by Studio Luc Derycke. Published by MER. The art imprint of Borgerhoff & Lamberigts.

To fund this publication, Els Martens is issuing 10 artist prints and selling three unique photographs!

Cover design by Studio Luc Derycke.

New magazine
Stories by Schönfeld n° 1

The first 'Stories by Schönfeld' is out! With a.o. a blind date with Eliza Pepermans & Hilde Borgermans, a collectors talk with Wouter Bouvijn & Eva Vanhengel, an interview with architect Elizabet Iglesias and a fashion shoot for Louis Vuitton with paintings by Albert Pepermans.

Cover designed by Desirée De Winter

Paper Whispers
Schönfeld Gallery

A group show with works on paper by Marta Barrenechea, Tina Berning, Terry Ekasala, Rikako Kawauchi and Jenny Watson.

> 24 June 2023

Schönfeld Gallery
Rivoli Brussels, Chaussée de Waterloo 690

Terry Ekasala. Courtesy of the artist.

Highway Vagabond
Thomas Renwart

'Highway Vagabond' is Renwart's first gallery solo show. The exhibition is an ode to handwork. Never before has the artist weaved so much himself, blending handwork with contemporary digital techniques and experimenting with glitter and shiny materials.

> 28 May 2023

Barbé Gallery
Penitentenstraat 29, 9000 Gent

Thomas Renwart. Courtesy of the artist and Barbé Gallery.

New magazine

A new kunst-zetter magazine is out! With a.o. interviews with Hugo Duchateau (about his expo 'Zin in Zien' in CC Maasmechelen) and Ives Maes (about his expo 'Kosmorama' in KMSKA) and a blind date between Aaron Victor Peeters and Piet Stockmans.​​​​​​​​​

Follow kunst-zetter for more info on contemporary visual arts in Limburg.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Cover designed by Jorden Boulet.
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