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Het Erf
Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens

'Het Erf' explores the collection of Irma and Jules Dhondt-Dhaenens, for which they had their own museum built in Deurle in 1967. Now, 56 years later, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens is studying the origins of its own existence through a selection of historical artworks and never-before-shown archival material.

> 21 May 2023

Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens
Museumlaan 14, 9831 Deurle

Courtesy Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens.

A selection of contemporary ceramics

With the group exhibition 'CRMCS#3', gallerist Elke Helbig and curator/artist Kris Campo pay tribute to the expressive power, sensuality, tactility, spectacle value and visual richness of the medium of clay. It's a surprising combination of work with different perspectives.

> 29 April 2023

Galerie Zwart Huis
Rivoli Brussels, Chaussée de Waterloo 690

Courtesy Galerie Zwart Huis.

The I's Inside
Christina Zimpel

In her exhibition 'The I's Inside', Australian artist Christina Zimpel presents a series of enigmatic female portraits. They are the results of various interests and inspirations. A parade of conspicuous women. Outcasts and outsiders.

> 29 April 2023

Schönfeld Gallery
Rivoli Brussels, Chaussée de Waterloo 690

Christina Zimpel. Courtesy of the artist and Schönfeld Gallery.

Every little soul must shine
Alexandra Phillips

In 'Every little soul must shine' Alexandra Phillips shows an idiosyncratic selection of work. In addition, the kinetic installation 'A Habit is Also a Legend' is shown in the SD Worx building near the gallery.

> 15 April 2023

Coppejans Gallery
Falconplein 17/19, 2000 Antwerp

Alexandra Phillips. Courtesy of the artist and Coppejans Gallery.

Panta Rhei, Spiegelrei
Ria Verhaeghe

Ria Verhaeghe is fascinated by water in a constant state of change. In 'Panta Rhei, Spiegelrei' she combines drawings, photographs and sculptures with her series 'Provisoria', a collection of catalogued newspaper photographs.

> 30 April 2023

Gemeenteplein 12, 8790 Waregem

Ria Verhaeghe. Courtesy Richard Saltoun Gallery. Copyright the artist.

Enzo Mari

Dedicated to the work and ideas of the famous Italian designer, artist and theorist Enzo Mari (1932 - 2020), the retrospective 'Enzo Mari curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist with Francesca Giacomelli' brings never-before-seen projects, models, drawings, films and posters from the 'Enzo Mari Archive'.

The exhibition consists of a historical section, curated by Francesca Giacomelli featuring Mari's work between 1952 and 2012, with the reproposal of the last exhibition project curated by the artist himself in 2008-2009 for GAM in Turin. This historical section is complemented by a series of contributions from contemporary, international artists and designers who were invited by Hans Ulrich Obrist to pay tribute to Mari with new installations: Belgian OpenStructures, Adrian Paci, Barbara Stauffacher Solomon, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Tacita Dean, Nanda Vigo and Virgil Abloh.

11 February > 29 May 2023

C-Mine 10, 3600 Genk

Enzo Mari with Elio Mari 'The Nature Series No. 1: the apple' 1961. Silk-screen print on texilina paper. Photo: Danese Milano.

Christophe Coppens

With 'Playdate', Christophe Coppens takes you to a former hideout, his old playroom. His childhood is a recurring theme for the artist, but never before has he focussed so radically on the days when he could still go and retreat carefree while the world outside rushed by.

> 4 March 2023

Galerie Zwart Huis
Rivoli Brussels, Chaussée de Waterloo 690

Christophe Coppens. Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Zwart Huis.

Svelte Thys

Svelte Thys's works have painting itself as their subject. They are an investigation of the properties and limits of painting, an investigation of how painting itself can become an image. Wandering through matter and memories, this series of new works by Svelte Thys are a pleasant moment of linger, a request by the artist to the viewer and herself to return and take the time, to ponder.

> 4 March 2023

Schönfeld Gallery
Rivoli Brussels, Chaussée de Waterloo 690

Svelte Thys. Courtesy of the artist and Schönfeld Gallery.

An apple can't be tired
Pieter Jennes

In 'An apple can't be tired', Pieter Jennes his first institutional solo show, the artist shows a new series of paintings, drawings and unique textile sculptures. The works are loosely based on the 'Bulldozer exhibition', an exhibition that took place in a Moscow park in 1974, featuring work by non-conformist, underground artists. Because these artists were considered enemies of the system, the exhibition was ended by a large police force dressed as green workers, using bulldozers and water cannons.​​​​​​​​

 > 12 March 2023

Be-Part Kortrijk
Paardenstallen, Korte Kapucijnenstraat z/n

Installation view 'An apple can't be tired' by Pieter Jennes at Be-Part Kortrijk. Photo: Joselito Verschaeve.

Oude wijn/nieuwe zakken
de Warande

De Warande in Turnhout celebrates its 50th anniversary with the exhibition 'Oude wijn/nieuwe zakken'. 25 artists from the past each invite an artist for the future.

Participating artists: Jef Geys, Stefan Peters, Liliane Vertessen, Guillaume Bijl, Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven, Fred Bervoets, Hans Op de Beeck, Vaast Colson, Tom Liekens, Dries Segers, Bart Van Dijck, Michèle Matyn, Laure Prouvost, Nicolas Provost, William Ludwig Lutgens, Dennie Put, Peter De Cupere, Nel Aerts, Gert Verhoeven, Ria Pacquée, Filip Vervaet, Carole Vanderlinden, Peter Morrens, Nadia Naveau, Philip Aguirre y Otegui, Stijn ter Braak and many more.

> 29 January 2023

de Warande
Expozaal, Warandestraat 42, Turnhout

After the Gathering 2007. Copyright Hans Op de Beeck

An Anthology of Encounters
5 years a touch of art

5 years a touch of art equals 5 years of great encounters, unique collaborations and wonderful projects. Let’s celebrate those 5 years of working as a coach, consultant and intermediary by looking back on a very interesting time. A festive trip down memory lane and above all, a thank you to all the artists whose practice I have had the privilege to be a part of.

Participating artists: Jean-Marie Bytebier, Joachim Coucke, Alice De Mont, Robert Devriendt, Maen Florin, Joost Pauwaert, Sarah & Charles, Lukas Vandenabeele, Leen Vandierendonck, Ane Vester.

Friday 02/09/2022 7pm – 10pm
Saturday 03/09/2022 2pm – 6pm
Sunday 04/09/2022 2pm - 6pm

Henri Lebbestraat 25, 8790 Waregem

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